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New Website:
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New website for local charity The Neighbourhood Challenge Scotland believe that the environment that we live in can be a main contributor to mental health and well being, and aim to raise awareness on ‘stigma and discrimination’ surrounding issues in society.

Mirren Park School
Yellow Slate Design

Yellow Slate Design is proud to partner with Mirren Park School as a charity partner.

Mirren Park is an award-winning registered independent school located in the heart of Ferguslie Park, Paisley, where it forms part of the core of a campus of community facilities designed to promote both the successful development of its young people and enrich the life of the local and wider community.

The school caters for up to 30 young people between the ages of 11–18, where their mainstream education placement is no longer appropriate and a more supportive and engaging provision is required. Some of our young people have Additional Support Needs associated with Social, Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties though many can achieve National Qualifications to Higher level.

It offers a full curriculum experience, but one which is organised and presented in a way that is more supportive, motivational, relevant and capable of engaging with disaffected young people.

New Xerox C75 Printer
Yellow Slate design

Having this Xerox printer on-site helps with the full circle of the design process. With a resolution of 1200dpi, your posters and leaflets are full colour quality from design to print. Complimenting your online presence.

We know speed is a massive factor in your business and being able to upload to your social media just as fast as printing you marketing materials.